Attendance Requirements

In order to maintain good standing, members must maintain at least 50% attendance. Members must attend at least 30% of their home Rotary club’s meetings in each 6 month period.

Members may make-up at any official Rotary Club meeting/event within 2 weeks (day of Club meeting through day prior to Club meeting). It is the responsibility of the member to present a make-up card or other proof of attendance to the Executive Secretary. If no such tangible documentation exists, the member must call/email the Executive Secretary and advise her of the make-up. Members must fully comply with Rotary International’s attendance policies, including:

· Members are required to attend or make-up at least 50% of the club’s meetings during each six-month attendance period;
· Members are required to attend at least 30% of Sunrise Rotary meetings during each six-month period;
· Make-up credit options (within two weeks of a missed meeting) include:
· Attendance at meetings of other Rotary clubs, Rotaract or Interact clubs;
· Attendance at Rotary District or Rotary International functions;
· Attendance at Sunrise Rotary Board meetings;
· Attendance at Sunrise Rotary committee meetings (according to definition of committee meeting approved by the board);

The Rotary Club of Springfield Sunrise will accept committee meetings as credit for missed meetings based on the following:

· A definition of a committee meeting-When four of more Rotarians gather to discuss or plan an event or Rotary program. The meeting should be a minimum of 40 minutes and the Chair of the committee should be present.
· Minutes of said meeting should be turned into the executive Administrator with a list of all Rotarians present as soon as possible.
· Members must attend at least 50% of any given meeting in order to be counted in attendance.

The perfect attendance year follows the Rotary Year -- July l - June 30. Leaves of absence will apply to attendance requirements, but not to perfect attendance. (For example, if a member has perfect attendance but requests and receives a leave of absence for one month, that member is exempt from meeting his/her attendance requirements during that month, but that member does not get credit for those meetings toward perfect attendance.)

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